I can’t believe this is my last Friday at rocky hill. We have half a week of school left. Today, there is so many things going on  like the Q and U wedding. The kindergardeners do it to learn that Q and U alway go together. We also have the 5th grade basketball game. Let me tell you how it goes. Pretty much just teachers vs. kids, also, we have the health talk. EWWWW!


Week 34 was amazing. It is hard to belive that the school year is almost over. But I will still be bloging. This week was so fun because we went on a feild trip to KARM. It is a donation pase and a home for homless people. They provide meals and beds. On Thursday, we had electronic day. It was so fun. Also, we are strarting to film our movies. I cant wait to show you. Week 34 was super cool.


Week 31 was super! We are doing movies. Mine is about two detectives who don’t like each other. I can’t wait to show you guys. Today, we  are doing a fund raiser for a 2nd grader was diagnosed with cancer and we are paying money to eat shaved ice. The money goes to Lucas’s family. Week 31 was fun, but please pray for Lucas.


Week 30 was super cool. We had so many cool things going on like our songs. I finally got mine done and I’m still recording. I will have it on my blog next week. We are also making movies. Mine is pretty cool. I almost forgot, I was on the media team for track. That means I video taped. Wy taping is below if you want to see. Week 30 was so cool.


Week 29 was super bad. We had a test every day and I got an F on every one. APRIL FOOLS! My week was awsom. We had a cool play. We are also making new songs. Mine got deleted. I’m so mad. But my week was still fun.

Mrs. Cain’s Class Research Presentations

5th Grade Musical


Week 28 was super fun. We had so many things going on. Dr. Susses birthday was this week. So we celebrate it by doing wacky things like wacky Wednesday or wacky sock day. We had a field trip to a cave called The Tuckaleechee Caverns. My wacky week was awesome.File Mar 28, 1 53 23 PM

Spring Break

I had so much fun on spring break. I did somany things. I cant wait to tell you. 1st, I hung out with my bud Will. When I got home I went ove to my neighbor Gunnar’s house. There, we played hide-and-seek, Xbox, and soccer. After that, me and my parents went to Blaze Pizza. It tasted super good. A few days later, me, my sister, my mom, my aunt, and my baby cousin went to the zoo. We saw so many cool animals. My favorite were the river otters. Then the next day, my baby cousin came to my house because my aunt had to work. Him and I took a huge nap. On Saterday, we went to Dollywood with my parents, sister, aunt, uncle, and cousin. It was so fun. I road the Wild Eagle, Thunder Head, Mystery Mine, and a few baby rides. My Spring Break was awesome.